Storm Photo Inc.
Robert Hansen-Sturm Photographer


I was drawn to Kingston, New York by the beauty of the surrounding mountain vistas. The fields, streams, rock walls, ferns and mosses seemed to impart a spiritual message to me, as if I was in some huge Zen garden. Uptown Kingston with its classic small town business district charm was the perfect place to open my business twenty years ago. At first I rented, then I purchased a small two-story building right on the end of Wall Street, the main street in this district.

My fine arts training has come from the University of Miami, Parsons School of Design and Aepiron Workshops. I was lucky to have come under the influence of George Tice and Paul Caponigro, two of the finest photographers and print makers alive. Their love and dedication to this art form made me a disciple. I have taken my extensive knowledge of conventional silver based photography and applied its lessons and ascetics to digital photography. By bridging the mediums I achieve the results I want. If I am approaching a commercial job, I use the simplest method to achieve the desired results. I am not looking to achieve some grand artistic statement. My object is to show my clients work in such a way that their product or artwork is featured in its best light.

To fulfill my artistic impulses I continue to photograph and to make fine prints. In the past 30 years I have compiled an extensive library of images, the bulk of which are landscapes. I have been published in many Catskill and Hudson Valley brochures and calendars and sell fine prints to collectors. If you are interested in any images on the site or would like to explore my collection, feel free to E-mail me on my contact page. I have also photographed the surrounding landscapes of homes to lend a feeling of place to a homes decor.

The services that I currently offer at Storm Photo Inc. are the following: High-end digital and conventional photography of Art, People, and Product. In the digital field I can supply 100 MB files. In the conventional field I can supply anything from 35 mm to 8x10 inch transparencies. All images are made with the finest lens and materials. In the print department I can offer you up to 40" wide Giclee prints that capture the artists original intent.